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Join us as our Artist Guest of Honor Jeff Menges and a variety of student, amateur, and professional artists from around the country display their work. Take part in the silent auction for some special orignals and limited editions, and visit the print shop to take some SWILCon art home with you. If you would like to display you art, please let us know by filling out our contact form.


Aside from a full-time open gaming room, our gaming program this year features organized tournaments in the Babylon 5, Star Wars, and Magic: The Gathering card games, and even video games. Whether you want a quick game of Dalmuti between panels, or you'd like to settle into a 12 hour game of Diplomacy, come up to the gaming rooms and enjoy yourself.


The King is dead! Did you kill him? Do you know who did? And does it really matter? Ask yourself these questions and many more by participating in this year's LARP. And don't worry about missing your favorite events at the con - there will be only one mandatory meeting for LARPers, on Saturday morning. After that, the story will unfold over the course of the con, without getting in the way of panels, movies, and other scheduled events. If you think you'd like to take part, please fill out our contact form.


Come as you aren't. Our combination costume contest / party / ball promises to provide entertainment for everyone, from first-time ameteurs to the Masters. If you'd like to take part in our non-affiliated friendly competition, you must register in advance by filling out our contact form. Everyone's welcome to come in costume, whether competing or not. Come to enjoy the music, mingle with other convention attendees and guests, and just have a great time.


A Swarthmore College tradition. Grab your rolled-up newspaper sword, don your garbage-bag armor, and set off in hunt of the elusive pterodactyl. But watch out - the other team is out to do the exact same thing to YOU. Capture-the-flag meets Nerf® Jousting. Advanced registration is not required, but you can take a look at the rules in advance.


Building on the success of last year's video line-up, we're tripling our video programming this year. Enjoy a full-time movie room, showing the greatest SF classic and contemporary favorites, and an anime line-up right next door. On Saturday, participate the two-room Anime/Buffy the Vampire Slayer mini-marathon, featuring your favorite BtVS TV episodes, The Buffy original movie, and the first three episodes of the Anime feature that started it all, Devil Hunter Yokho, all presented back-to-back in the anime and Buffy rooms. And participate in the panel discussion comparing the two right after the showings. Best of all, a third room will be showing all your favorite BtVS episodes by request all day Sunday. So vote at the panel on Saturday, and enjoy the results on Sunday. All three of our video rooms feature 8 foot projection television screens, so all the action is larger than life.

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