Pterodactyl Hunt Rules
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The Pterodactyl Hunt has been a favorite activity at Swarthmore College for a number of years. This variation is like Capture the Flag, except the flags move and spit venom at you. Kill the opposing pterodactyl, search for valuable pterodactyl eggs, and defend your own team's pterodactyl in order to achieve victory.

There are two types of hunt participants: Players and Monsters. The players will be divided into two teams, both of which will defend their own pterodactyl, fight each other, and be pestered by roaming monsters. Monsters will be played by SWIL Staff only. The type of monsters are:

  • The Wizards: These two omnipotent beings control the hunt for their amusement. They will divide the teams, issue swords, armor, and other prizes, and watch over the proceedings. One Wizard will always be in the starting area, and one will always be roaming. If a player is killed, the Wizards can choose to revive him.
  • The Vampire (and the Shadow): One is deadly, the other harmless. Can you tell the difference? One touch from the Vampire will take away 5 chits from the hapless player too slow to escape. The Shadow looks almost exactly like the Vampire, with one subtle difference. If you can figure out what the difference is, the Wizard might give you something to help you...
  • The Oracle: If you have trouble with the Vampire and the Shadow, or you'd like help finding the elusive pterodactyl eggs, the Oracle can help. Prepare a suitable offering and this font of knowledge will bestow some upon you.
  • The Black Knight: But to see the Oracle, you have to defeat the Black Knight first. The only monster who can be battled, the Black knight will try to kill you before you chop off his arms and legs. See the special combat section below.
  • The Siren: Beautiful, yet deadly, the Siren roams the playing field singing. If you hear her song, you become her victim and must stop. She will release you once you have performed the task she gives to you.
  • Trolls: Beware the trolls lurking in the dark. If one appears, you must stop and listen to his riddle. Solve the riddle, and you may go unharmed. If you cannot solve it, you must listen to one of his long boring tales until he releases you.
  • The Werecat: Like all cats, this kitty is fickle and unpredictable. Catch her in a good mood, and she may give you candy, life chits, or lead you to an egg. But watch out! If she is in a bad mood, she will kill you with her sharp claws.
  • The Squire: A go-fer with style. The Squire is only involved in play as an assistant. S/he runs errands for the Wizards and can settle any disputes between players.

    1. Monsters (SWIL Staff) are the final judges of rule disputes. Anyone breaking the rules, or acting in an abusive or dangerous manner will be expelled from the Hunt and, at the option of the organizers, reported to Security.

    2. SWIL will divide the players into two even teams at the start of the hunt. One team will be wearing light-colored garbage bags, and one team will be wearing dark-colored garbage bags. One player from each team will be designated the pterodactyl and will be issued a water gun and a glow stick.

    3. All play is to be conducted OUTSIDE. Nothing is hidden in the buildings and play inside is against the rules. Boundaries will be explained at the start of the hunt. All the hidden pterodactyl eggs, which can be redeemed for prizes, will be hidden outside within these boundaries.

    4. Attacking a person or monster who is not wearing armor is illegal. To fight when not wearing armor is illegal.

    5. To kill a player, THE HIT MUST BE MADE ON THE ARMOR WITH A WEAPON PROVIDED BY THE ORGANIZERS. Hits on other portions of the body are NOT kills (except for hits to the pterodactyl - see below.) Intentionally aiming for the head, or other part of the body not covered by armor, or using a weapon not provided by the Organizers is considered an extreme infraction of the rules and will result in being expelled from the hunt and reported to Security.

    6. Each player will be issued 10 "hit point/XP" chits at the start of the game. If you are defeated in battle by a player, you must give 1 of your hit chits to the person who defeated you. If you run out of chits, you can report to either of the Wizards for regeneration. If you are defeated by a monster, you must surrender your sword. The Wizards will supply you with a new one.

  • If you get sprayed on the armor by the Pterodactyl's venom, you get to keep your chits, but you have to find a wizard to regenerate before you can continue fighting. If you get sprayed on some other part of your body, you can continue to fight.
  • If you are fighting the Black Knight, you lose one chit every time he successfully hits you, but you can "walk away" any time before you're killed. If you can hit him once on each arm and each leg before you lose all your chits, you defeat him.
  • The Pterodactyls can only be killed by tapping them three times in rapid succession on the heel of the foot.

    7. No more than 5 players may band together in a single group, not even to protect the pterodactyl. Larger groups will be dispersed by monsters. Players repeatedly violating this rule will be expelled from the game.

    8. When either team's pterodactyl is killed, ALL players must stop playing and report to the starting area. Time permitting, additional rounds will be played.

    At the end of the Hunt, prizes will be awarded for the player with the highest number of chits, as well as to the player or players who killed either Pterodactyl. Pterodactyl eggs can be redeemed for prizes at any time during or immediately after the hunt.

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