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Tom Smith:

Known as "the World's Fastest Filker", Tom is responsible for such creations as "307 Ale" and "Sheep Marketing Poy". His most recent album is called "Plugged". Tom joins us for the first time this year.


Jeff Menges:

A popular fantasy artist, Jeff has worked on a number of collectable card games, especially Mythos and Magic: The Gathering. His MTG credits include "Swords to Plowshares", "Sea Serpent", and "Haunting Wind", among many others. This is Jeff's second appearance at SWILCon.

Jeff Grosky:

Jeff returns to SWILCon, bringing with him a selection of stunning leather masks, boxes, and other craft items that border on the divine. He will also be demonstrating his art during the con.


James Patrick Kelly:

We're pleased to welcome James Patrick Kelly to his first appearance at SWILCon. Mr. Kelly has written a host of Hugo-nominated works, including "Think Like a Dinosaur", which won the award in the Novelette category in 1996. His latest collection, which includes "Think Like a Dinosaur" and also bears its name, should be available soon from Golden Gryphon Press. Please visit his web page for more information about him.

James P. Hogan:

Joining Mr. Kelly is James P. Hogan, author of "Thrice Upon a Time", "Paths to Otherwhere", and many others. Mr. Hogan's work has been studied by Swarthmore College Physics classes, and he was a personal favorite of Gabe Cavalleri, a Swarthmore College student who died in 1996. The SWILCon committee wishes to dedicate Mr. Hogan's presentation to Gabe's family, friends, and memory. For more information about James P. Hogan, please see his home page.

Other guests include noted author Greg Frost, as well as a number of student, amateur, and professional artists.

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