SWILshirt 2004

We're trying a slightly new policy for selecting a design for the 2004 SWILshirt:

The submission deadline for t-shirt designs (finished artwork) was March 20th. This has passed. Thank you for all your t-shirt designs!

The SWILshirt design has been chosen! It will be "All you need is SWIL," and will look like some compromise of:


Available ink colors will be black, white, and red. The shirt design is a pun on this sculpture, by Robert Indiana.

General information about SWILshirts:
Shirts will be available at a fixed price in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Larger sizes will also be available, at a slight additional charge. Many colors of shirts will be available (we'll accept special requests, if they're not totally improbable), and one or two (or possibly three, if there's demand for something other than black or white) ink colors. Prices will be about $10 per shirt, depending on the number of orders received for each ink color. Payment will probably be requested in advance.

I'm delegating all of this to Andrew, pending his approval.

~ Venti
March 23, 2004

* * *

(now numbered for your voting convenience)

1. SWIL: handle with care duck:
front  back(ignore the words "Reunion 2002", obviously)

2. SWIL: All you need is SWIL:
drawn version  typed version

SWIL: the most fun you can have with your clothes cloak on:
3. text-only version 4. flatworm version  

5. SWIL with Parrish logo and wind:
design (slogan will be either a. "It's looking mighty SWILly out there" or, b. "It's a SWIL wind that blows no good")

6. SWIL: I'm not third-tentacled either!:

7. Jurassic SWIL: please don't feed the exhibits

If you'd like to edit your design, I (Venti) have all the original, on-paper-submissions, and I'll be glad to give yours back to you for polisihing.

(And if you're looking for all the archives of past SWILshirts, they're here.)

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