SWIL's 32nd Reunion: Registration

SWIL 32 is over, so online registration is closed. Hope to see you again for SWIL 36 in 2014-2015!

Welcome to the SWIL 32 Reunion Registration page! Please enter your name and contact info, and set a password so that you can update your information if it changes. The only items that are required are first name and email address, but more contact information wouldn't hurt. If you want to update a previously entered registration, please log in.

See who else is coming to SWIL 32.

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Where are you planning to stay during the reunion, and for how long? Please see the Housing Page for more info about the options. If you select Ashton House here, we'll consider that a request; other options are purely advisory, and you should reserve them on your own.

Ashton House
Days Inn
Please help me find crash space
Home (for local folks)
not attending (If you can't attend, please register anyway so you can submit to our all-SWIL Cygnet.)

Number of adults in your party:
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Each SWIL nonmember in your party is encouraged to register separately, but only one of you should enter the numbers of people in your party, to help us keep an accurate count.

Names of other people in your party, one name per line (do not include yourself):

Before Thursday, April 7
Thursday, April 7
Friday, April 8
Saturday, April 9

Saturday, April 9
Sunday, April 10
Monday, April 11
After Monday, April 11

Comments (anything else you'd like the Reunion coordinators to know):