The Book of the 'Dactyl

Orcs and Hobgoblins

The Orcs and Hobgoblins have a rivalry. [Insert creative and/or historical explanation of their differing cultures, why and how they hate each other. This is the appropriate place to put songs, info about costumes, etc.]

"Ok, this is what happened last year: BDan, who was orc king, chose the red eye logo specifically as a LotR reference. I was told about this (this was several weeks before the hunt), and it was suggested that I use a white hand as a counter reference, but I really didn't _want_ a LotR reference, especially if there already was one being brought in, so I made something up. If it happens to correspond with D&D in some way, that's purely coincidence. The point is, it's the prerogative of the two monarchs each year to choose the decorations of their respective hordes. My sophomore year the hobgoblin decorations were lots of white and green face paint, fake blood, and a different math symbol painted on each hobgoblin's forehead. Last year it was a golden fist for hobgoblins and a red eye for orcs, in both cases spray painted on the garbage bag."
~ Rachel Sapiro '04, hunt list, June 17, 2003

"While Orcs are common grunts, Hobgoblins are common shouts and rumbles."
~ JC Ravage '04, monster list emailed to hunt, 9/15/03