Magic League Rules

Okay, I'm sure you're all rearing to play your league decks for real. I'm also sure that you must have certain nagging questions you want answered before you start. Well, here we go. After reading this message, you will know everything you need to know to get started.

1) What is a league sanctioned match?

A league sanctioned match, or just match from here on, is the best of three standard games, each played normally. That means all standard rules apply. For those of you who don't know, read the little book, and see the last question below. A match is also not a real match until it is recorded. You MUST let me (Larry) know about your match for it to "count". Email me here (ldm@sccs) or leave voice mail, etc. I will record results from any match played when I am present.

2) How do we keep a running score?

First, as above, let me know the following information. The two players, the deck names (only the first time), and who won the MATCH (not the game). The date would help, as well. Then, every week, I post to this list and probably to everybody's win/loss record, the w/l record for just the past week, and the games played. If you need more detailed runnings, talk to J7.

3) what about Ante?

Ooh, now this is a question. Okay, here goes. Ante is required for all matches at one card each player per match. Once shuffled and cut, turn over the top card from your deck. That's PRIOR to dealing your hand, but I don't care if you accidentally draw your hand first. The default procedure for ante is known as the trade ante; that is, you both ante a card, the winner gets to decide which one of the cards to keep, the loser takes the other. To avoid playing for ante, you still must produce a card to ante at the beginning, but if both players agree not to play for ante, each simply retains his or her original card at the end of the match. Consider it playing the game at a one card handicap. Of course, you can still play for the "I get to keep both" ante if both players agree.

4) How do I get out if I want to?

We aren't going to force anybody to play, so if you want out, you can sell your franchise to somebody else, or you can just take your cards and run. They belong to you.

5) What if I have a rules question in a game?

In many cases, matches will happen where there are a lot of people around. The primary rules person is Joe Robbins. If he is unavailible, Jere7my Tho?rpe and Fred Bush are also okay. In cases of relatively simple questions, you can ask me. However, while each of the commissioners is allowed to consult with other commissioners, EACH COMMISSIONER'S DECISION IS FINAL. If you don't like Joe's answer, you may not consult Fred on the same question. If nobody else is around, and you can't reach any of us or come to a decision, you can always wait till one of us comes around, flip a coin, declare that GAME void, dance the horah, etc.

6) What rules are standard to each game or match?

First of all, each player begins with 20 life. All regular tournament rules apply. The basics: a) don't put more than 4 of any individual card in the deck, with the exception of basic land. b) don't include cards that require ante, but if you actually have one, you've got bigger problems. c) don't mix in any other cards you might own. d) there's what we call a sideboard to deal with. That's simply all the cards you have that are not in your deck. Before a match, the two players are allowed, in fact encouraged, to tell each other what colors they play, and make small substitutions prior to beginning. For example, a white player might remove a green COP and put in a red one, while his opponent might remove karma. Once ante has been chosen, no sideboard switches until after the match has been resolved. Once the match is over, you can make changes again.

7) what do I do if by some freak chance my question has not been answered?

Bring it up with one of the commissioners, but only AFTER looking it up in the book.

That should about do it. If you have any other questions, deal with it. This will get you started. Happy hunting!

Several important clarifications on a few subjects from the rules.

A MATCH is best-of-three GAMES. Ante is by the MATCH, you can visit your sideboard between MATCHES, and most importantly, give me only the results from you MATCHES. Please make sure thta only ONE person sends me the results. Here's some examples:

BAD - Okay, I lost 2-1 to Bob.
(next message)
Okay, I, Bob, beat so and so 2-1.

Good - Bob (Bob's deck) over Bjorn (Bjorn's deck) on Monday, January 22nd.

Please only include a 2-1 type thing if you played multiple MATCHES, as some people will. If you have any other questions, let me know.

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